In My Name


In My Name:

Join the chorus with, John Legend, Scarlett Johansson and others around the world.

In My Name:

End Poverty – Be the Generation

In My Name:

Launch event (9/25, NYC)


Millennium Development Goals.


Oxfam asked me to come up with an idea to spur 192 world leaders to accelerate progress on implementing Millennium Development Goals – to halve extreme poverty by 2015.


The idea was to get people to challenge their leaders to take responsibility. To do that we had to educate people about the MDGs that had been agreed back in 2000. We created In My Name by turning the popular ‘Not in my Name’ activism of the day into an optimistic challenge. The campaign involved a song, a video, an info-mercial about MDGs, plus a launch event in front of the UN in NYC attended by UN Secretary General, Ban ki-Moon. 

In My Name contained an interactive digital element: at the end of the song, invites viewers to upload a short video of what they want their government to do “in their name”. Thousands of people responded, uploading videos about free health care, education, safe drinking water, ending conflict and discrimination. We used the best uploads in a remash video of the song and broadcast it at the YouTube awards. 

“I sign my name as a citizen of Korea but above all as a citizen of the world” – Ban Ki Moon 


Oxfam, Keiron O’Connor, Nabil Elderkin, Jason Wojciechowski, Claire Lewis,, YouTube

I’ve just got one name, it’s easy to remember – BONO – but it’s easy to forget what’s been done in your name…make sure you don’t‘”
– Bono

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