Invite me to a brainstorm, or brief me, and I’ll give you a great idea, either through working with your team or by collaborating with an outside creative. Whether you’re trying to solve a problem, address an opportunity or expand your market, a simple idea cleverly executed can popularise an issue, change public perception, challenge dominant thinking, or raise lots of money.


I’ll work to put flesh on the bones of the idea, delving deeper into the detail around the idea before plotting out a strategy for its development and implementation.


While not an essential ingredient of successful campaigns or opportunities, celebrities can take great ideas to another level. I’ve found that celebrities are attracted to great ideas and so, where appropriate, I will try to seduce the right actors, musicians, artists, writers, directors, fashionistas or sports personalities to participate in the idea and support your cause.


Corporate’s, much like celebrities, are enticed by great ideas too, and can be a very powerful component of a great idea and successful strategy.


There’s no one-size-fits-all. Building the right team that is motivated by an idea depends on your needs and the scale of your campaign. We could either harness the strengths and skills of your own team, keeping costs down and allowing them to ‘own’ the idea, or I will recruit expert collaborators to help with particular aspects.


Once the strategy is agreed and the team is built, CC will oversee the implementation of the campaign, taking you from idea generation, through strategy development, to campaign implementation in a cool, calm, collaborative and, ultimately, highly effective and successful process.

What Others Say

Richard Curtis

Writer, director and founder of Comic Relief

“Nicky is passionate, utterly committed, totally delightful – and meeting with her cheers me up no end with ideas and plans that make things in the world a little better.”

Caryn Tomlinson

SVP Universal Music Group

“Nicky Wimble is a force of nature. We hosts numerous charity meetings a year and Nicky’s was the most impressive, ever. She had unique ideas, arrived with all the research completed and proposed a creative plan to ensure that the music industry would enjoy being involved and stay involved.”

Emma Pike

VP Industry Relations, Sony Music Entertainment

“Delightful, inspirational and consummately professional, Nicky brings boundless creativity and tenacity to everything she does.”

Max Lawson

Oxfam Head of Advocacy

“I have worked with Nicky on some brilliant campaigns in which she has played a huge part. Her creative energy is incredible, as is her ability to deliver world class campaigning. I have also rarely had as much fun in my job than when Nicky is involved!”

David Harris

Executive Creative Director, Draftfcb London

”Our agency has really benefited from Nicky’s broad experience and her ability to recognise the potential of ideas long before most others. She tireless at bringing ideas to life and is great to work with!”

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